Thing #54 I Like About Living Where I Do

54. Jim Blount's books. Jim Blount is a local historian who wrote a popular column in the Hamilton Journal-News from 1988 to 2009. He continues to write on the Lane Library historical collection website.

I love learning about the history of the area I live in now, and Jim's readable histories are a wonderful insight into bygone days.

His books include:
Butler County Biographies
Butler County's Greatest Weather Disaster: Flood, 1913
Railroads of Butler County, Rossville
Hamilton's West Bank: Its People, Ghosts, Places, Bridges and Businesses
Little Chicago (2 vol.)
(pictured below).

The Lane website features a searchable collection of Jim Blount's articles on such varied subjects as Aviation, Bridges, Canals, Courthouses, Crime Legends, Congress, Governors, Great Miami River, Hamilton Public Transit, Horses, Hydaulic Canals, Ice Industry, Interurban Lines, Law Enforcement Deaths, Mounuments, Railroads, Roads & Highways.

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