Thing #45 I Like About Living Where I Do

45. Cappel's. You can buy a lot on the internet, I know. But it's tremendously helpful to this particular pastor to have a store like Cappel's in the area. The lovely Robin and I first discovered Cappel's decades ago in our early days of ministry. They used to have only a large store downtown. I think that was it. But now they have four different locations throughout the city--and, most helpfully for us, one of them is northish, in Blue Ash.

So, when I feel the need to deliver a message in hippie garb, or need a skin cap (and costume glue) to appear more Egyptian than usual for VBS, or anything of that sort, Cappel's is the place I go. And, in case you were wondering, yes, that IS me in the photo at right. But the blonde afro didn't come from Cappel's. It was borrowed from Cindi, my son's mother-in-law. And no, I don't know what in the world she does with it.

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