Thing #55 I Like About Living Where I Do

55. My study. I've had a study of some kind or other wherever the lovely Robin and I have ever lived--since 1980, at least. In Lancaster, it was a small room (with windows!) off the master bedroom. In Cincinnati, it was in the basement (best I could do). In New Jersey, it was half of the furnace room. In Youngstown, it was again in the basement. And in our little cottage on Baker Road near Somerville, it was a fold-down desk in the corner of the bedroom. Okay, that last one wasn't a study; it was a desk, and all my books were in boxes (alphabetized) in the attic.

But one of the things I like about where we live now is my study:

It's in the basement, sure, but it affords room for most of my books, and a wonderful place to write, and compute, and waste time, and so on. And the space under the desk provides the family dog, Ender, a sanctuary from thunderstorms and fireworks. So it serves many purposes.

Not only that, but it also has my prayer chair in one corner, a sofa to nap on, and a comfy place to meet with people.

It's far and away the best accommodations I've ever had for study, writing, praying, and thinking deep thoughts.


  1. Is that a Prayer Chair with a massager?

  2. Yes, Alice. ALL prayer chairs should have a massager! :)