Thing #51 I Like About Living Where I Do

51. Whether in uptown Oxford (above) or downtown Hamilton (below), one of the many things I like about living in this area is Kofenya, the spacious coffeehouse started by Liz Snyder and Nicole Ayres in the Fall of 2004 (well, the Oxford location, that is; the Hamilton site is much more recent).

Both locations, however, are great meeting places and gathering places. And they serve a lot more than coffee.

Though I'm known to hang out at Starbucks in Oxford sometimes, too, Kofenya is so much roomier, and the atmosphere is just more conducive to thinking and talking and writing. I was there (at the Hamilton location, at 221 High St.) just this morning, after an appointment at the Government Services Building, a block away. Good coffee, comfy chairs, FREE WIFI, that's of the things I like about living here.

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