Culinary Delights in the Hoosier State

The lovely Robin and I enjoyed a beautiful time with dear friends tonight at the home of Jim and Carolyn Seal, between the metropoli of Mixerville and Brookville, Indiana.

In the course of the evening, while I was sitting next to my friend John Cole, his loving wife served him a culinary concoction that amazed and intrigued me. John, who is both a gourmet and gourmand, praised this combination of chocolate cake, baked beans, and sliced onions as something special. Incredulous, I had just enough time to snap a photo before he dispatched it in no time at all.

While the meal and the company was uniformly exquisite, this may be the thing that most sticks in my memory. I hope not, but it probably will.

A Late Summer Midsummer Night's Dream

The lovely Robin and I enjoyed a perfect late summer performance of Shakespeare in the Park tonight, at Seasongood Pavilion in Cincinnati's beautiful Eden Park.

This evening's performance was the first of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company's scheduled offerings of A Midsummer Night's Dream, and the weather couldn't have been better. We enjoyed front row seats and a fried chicken picnic while we watched. Live Theatah, Fine Dining, Exquisite Company: what could be better?

The cast of Darnell Pierre Benjamin, Ian Bond, Cary Davenport, Miranda McGee, Jolin Polasek, and Maggie Lou Rader gave a delightful and varied performance of one of the Bard's most popular plays.

The free Shakespeare in the Park performances continue through September 25 at various locations in and around Cincinnati. Check out the full schedule here.