Bob's Bootery, Chillicothe OH

Our schedule on the first of several recent visits to Chillicothe, Ohio, didn't allow me the time to stop in to Bob's Bootery on Paint Street (if I recall correctly), but I did get to take a photo. I love the name and would probably love the boots. Bob's Boots have to be better than most other boots.

The Write to Publish Conference, Wheaton IL

I had the honor and joy again last week to participate in the Write to Publish Conference on the campus of Wheaton College in Illinois.
I reunited with crazy friends in this crazy writing and publishing world, and made new friends. 
I met a client or two for the first time, and met with many who may someday become clients.
I even got to speak and teach a few times. And enjoy some of my friends' speaking. And talk books and writing with some of the best people in the world. And visit (for the second time) the real wardrobe that belonged to C. S. Lewis's family, his desk from Magdalen College, and the desk on which J. R. R. Tolkein composed some of his works (with a beautifully calligraphed letter from Tolkein himself attesting to its authenticity). 

The Write to Publish Conference, held every year in June, is one of the best there is, run by finestkind people. You should go.

Butterfly Show at Krohn Conservatory, Cincinnati OH

Chapter Mt. Adams

Mt. Adams Walking (Sort of) Tour

Yesterday afternoon, the lovely Robin and I enjoyed a short but lovely walking tour of Mt. Adams, one of Cincinnati's uniquest (don't judge, it could be a word) neighborhoods.
Perched atop one of the city's "seven hills," Mt. Adams has a rich and varied history, of which the historic Immaculata Church (above) is a central part. 
The views downriver (above) and upriver (below; dizzy yet?) are spectacular. 
We even took the better part of an hour to attend an open house of one of the row houses at 1421 St. Gregory Street, which was a beautiful home, 3000-square-foot, with four full decks (including a rooftop deck) and spectacular views of the city. A tad outside our price range, but still so much fun to see. 

Sunday Worship at The Salvation Army's Cincinnati (OH) Citadel

The lovely Robin and I worshiped this morning at The Salvation Army's Cincinnati Citadel Corps, the church in which I grew up (a process that continues to this day).
We enjoyed the ministry of Lt. Felix Padilla, the absorbing worship, and the warm fellowship.
I got to hear the very piano that my mother played, many years ago, being sensitively played. 
And after the service, the corps officer gave us a short tour. Above is the gym where I broke my nose. It was really my friend Bob Bender's fault; he devised the "sliding headfirst like Pete Rose into home on gym mats" that, well, I overshot and my nose paid the price. 

The Salvation Army Cincinnati Citadel Corps is located at 114 E. Central Parkway on the edge of Over-the-Rhine in Cincinnati. 

Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference 2018, Ridgecrest NC

This week (Sunday-Thursday) I had the joy of attending, presenting, renewing friendships, making new friends, and meeting with writers at the annual Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference (#BRMCWC) at Ridgecrest Conference Center near Asheville, North Carolina.
There's too much to say about a wonderful week, so I'll let the photos do most of the talking (photo above by Marcie Warner Bridges, used with permission).
Monday morning at breakfast I was joined by ten of the fourteen clients of mine who were at the conference. Some I met for the first time, face-to-face.

On Genre Night (Tuesday, I think. Hard to remember. My brain is fried), many of us dressed in costumes related to our genre. Or not. After the general session those with books in the conference bookstore joined for a book signing. That's my dear friend Cindy Sproles (or, as she calls herself, "C&D") sitting and signing next to me. (photo above by Marcie Warner Bridges, used with permission).

Lighthouse of the Carolinas publisher and editor Eddie Jones regaled me with a wildly inappropriate story. That's usually my shtick. But okay  (photos above by Marcie Warner Bridges, used with permission).
And what fun I had tossing (and occasionally catching) with my dear friend, Scott McCausey. Man, you shoulda heard those gloves (and my joints) popping!