Sabbath Walk, February 19, 2017

All the time I've lived in the Cincinnati area, I continue to be amazed and chagrined that there are so many wonders and treasures I have yet to discover and enjoy! One of those is Glenwood Gardens, the 335-acre preserve of gardens, prairies, forests, and wetlands in Woodlawn.
After a stop in the Cotswold Visitor Center and (of course) gift shop (at top), the lovely Robin accompanied me on a sixty-degree Sunday afternoon walk along the Garden Path (literally; that's what it's called).
Even in February, the paved path, just over a mile long, was a beautiful stroll, affording us the opportunity to chat, enjoy the warm day and vivid blue sky, and even make out (a little).
The West Fork of the Mill Creek winds through the area (as a kid, I spent many hours playing in and around the East Fork of the Mill Creek).
We were both enchanted by the discovery of this beautiful park, and plan to return after the gardens bloom.

Glenwood Gardens is located at 10397 Springfield Pike, in Woodlawn, a suburb of Cincinnati.

Book Blvd., Liberty Center, Ohio

Last evening the lovely Robin and I paid a visit to Book Blvd., a new locally-owned bookstore in Liberty Township, Ohio. I am more than partial to local bookstores, and we had driven past this one before, once or twice, but it had been closed. This time we were happy to see that it was open.
Immediately upon entering, we were enchanted. New books and used books, lovingly shelved together. Greeted warmly as soon as we entered. Attentively but not intrusively helped by the proprietors. They even took a few of my book, The Bard and the Bible, for their "local authors" shelves.
And everything is well organized. We found a few treasures to purchase and adopt (and one to give as a gift). I can walk in and out of a big chain bookstore without buying anything, though the selection is much larger and flashier, but a store like this makes me want to stay and buy and come back.

Book Blvd. is located just off of the Cincinnati-Dayton Road exit from I-129, at 7045 Yankee Road, between Pooch Pizazz and Arthur Murray in the Liberty Commons Plaza. I recommend it!

2 Henry VI (sort of) at Cincinnati Shakespeare Company

It had been far too long since I had seen a play at the Race Street home of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company (though I’ve since enjoyed many Shakespeare in the Park productions). So this past Christmas I told my family that all I really wanted was a ticket or two, which led to a wonderful and memorable evening with my daughter last Friday for the CSC performance of Henry VI, Part 2 . . .  \(read the rest of the post here on The Bard and the Bible website).

Jean-Robert's Table, Cincinnati, OH

I have long said (well, since 2013) I wanted my daughter to experience a meal at Jean-Robert's Table in Cincinnati. So, since last Friday was the long-awaited fulfillment of her (and her husband Kevin's) Christmas gift to me--a Cincinnati Shakespeare Company performance of 2 Henry VI with her--I decided to take advantage of the occasion. 
The location, at 713 Vine Street in downtown Cincinnati, would be easy to overlook. But you shouldn't. It's not a huge restaurant, and everything about it is confidently understated. 
We shared a lobster-and-scallops appetizer (above), which was predictably perfect. 
I had to ask what the Trio Concho was (above), and when our very helpful server explained that it was three different pork cuts, I jumped in with both feet. Wow, was it good. And Aubrey said her filet was exceptional, too. 
We shared a crème brûlée (above). I wasn't about to let that opportunity pass, although my date did manage to dig in before I could snap a picture. And then she had more bites than she said she would, but I will keep that to myself. And the interwebs. 

Dinner at Jean-Robert's Table is a unique and delectable pleasure. It's not cheap, but it's memorable. And it's only two blocks from the current home of the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company.