A Shakespeare Experience in California

I posted on The Bard and the Bible Blog about a recent visit to a unique spot filled with Shakespeareana in California. Check it out (here).

Shanahan Cabin at The Cove, Asheville NC

Speaking at The Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove is always a delightful experience, but it was made more so last week at the Asheville Christian Writers Conference by the accommodations I enjoyed in the Shanahan Cabin (if I remember correctly), which sits in the woods up a long and winding gravel drive from the main driveway through the grounds.
Wow. When I texted my family the photos, my daughter supposed I had found my dream house so I'd never be coming home. If I had had the lovely Robin with me, that would have been very tempting.
There was another (larger) bedroom and a second private bathroom, but I let my roommate have those. That's just the kind of guy I am. 

I could have stayed much longer, but of course missed my wife and family, so I left when I was supposed to. But it wasn't easy. 

Apple Park, Cupertino CA

Last week the lovely Robin and I visited (with our son and his family) Apple Park, the new "mother ship" of the Apple universe in Cupertino, California. We didn't get to go into the actual spaceship-like headquarters but visited the visitors' center, as visiting visitors are apt to do.

We were each issued an iPad that "animated" the model so that a full rendering could be viewed and adjusted, lifting off roofs and pointing inside buildings and rooms, etc. Amazing. 

I was a little disappointed that we couldn't simply beam up to a different location but they probably save that for special visitors. Who are visiting. In the Visitors Center. 

Betto's Bistro, Morgan Hill CA

 Betto's Bistro is located in Morgan Hill, California. I got to visit with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandkids Miles and Mia, which made the experience pretty perfect, if not necessarily economical.

Basil 1791, Hamilton Ohio

I hated to see Ryan's Tavern (a Hamilton tradition operated by great friends) go last year, but I was interested to try Basil 1791, the new restaurant that took its place at 241 High Street in Hamilton (the “1791” part of the name is a reference to the year Hamilton--as Fort Hamilton--was founded).
The inside of the restaurant looked bigger than Ryan's, but I couldn't figure out why, because the bar and the staircase still define the west and east walls of the restaurant, and some of the furnishings seemed unchanged. But the menu was quite different. It's an Asian bistro (stir fry, sushi, Pho, Pad Thai, etc.) but with burgers and vegetarian options as well. I ordered the pineapple rice stir fry with chicken, and it was delicious. And a huge portion. I took a good bit of it home. 

According to a newspaper article on the restaurant, more is planned: a garage door (at right in the photo above) will allow for outdoor dining and a thirty-bottle bourbon bar is in the works. 

Basil 1791 is open Mondays through Saturdays from 11 a.m. 

Trinity Episcopal Church, Hamilton OH

I love the church, and churches. So I seized the opportunity yesterday to worship at the historic, beautiful Trinity Episcopal Church in Hamilton, Ohio--a church I had passed and admired often but had never joined for worship.
I parked on the street so I could enter through the Lychgate, a replica of the one which stands before the home parish of Sir Winston Churchill in the United Kingdom.
The 10:30 am Eucharistic Service was led by the Reverend Suzanne LeVesconte, the rector of the church. I so enjoyed the warm welcome I received (even encountering an old friend from my pastor days!) and the liturgy, sermon, and familial atmosphere only added to my worship. The flock and its church home are clearly lovingly and capably cared for.

Trinity Episcopal Church is located at 115 N 6th Street in Hamilton, Ohio.