20 Things I Like About Living Where We Do (Pt. 1)

The lovely Robin and I live in Hanover Township, Butler County, Ohio. The Hamilton city line is just a mile or so away. And I have been reminded in recent days and weeks just why I like it here. Here are 20 reasons off the top of my head, in no particular order:

1. I don't pay city taxes. Living in the township, my tax burden is a tad lighter than if I lived in Hamilton or Oxford or Cincinnati. And now that I no longer "work" in Oxford (as of Jan. 1), my 2011 taxes will be even lighter.

2. The Cincinnati Shakespeare Company is just a forty-minute drive from my house. I'm a Shakespeare fan, and I've seen his plays acted in several different places, including Coventry, England (and I hope some day to enjoy the Toronto Shakespeare Festival, among others). But these Cincinnati blokes do Shakespeare proud, time and time again!

3. We are equidistant from the Cincinnati and Dayton airports. Especially with my speaking and travel calendar increasing substantially in 2011 and beyond, this will become even more important. I much prefer flying out of Dayton, but living here gives me choices. I can be at either airport in 45 minutes.

4. Cincinnati's Playhouse in the Park (left), just forty minutes or so from our house! We've enjoyed numerous wonderful productions here, including (most recently) an excellent presentation of A Christmas Carol.

5. There is an Apple store at the Kenwood Mall, about 45 minutes from our house, which is a blessing to me and my Mactastic family. And, not coincidentally, it provides gainful employment for two of the men in our family!

6. I LOVE that our back yard (left) is a golf course (Twin Run, a public course operated by the city of Hamilton), and that we kinda live out in the country....BUT that just two miles away is a Meijer, Kroger, Walmart, Lowe's, Steak 'n' Shake, Applebee's, LaRosa's, Hobby Lobby, movie theater, Bob Evans, Texas Roadhouse, Sonic, Wendy's, McDonald's, KFC, our banks, a Staples, Walt's, Golden Dragon buffet, and more. I could wish that our situation was a little more "country living," but for convenience and lifestyle amenities, it doesn't get much better than this.

7. Hueston Woods (right), between Oxford and Eaton, is just a few minutes from our house. I love hiking there (in nicer weather than right now), we have baptized dozens of people there, and picknicked, and horsebacked, and eaten there.

8. Miami University. Just ten miles away in Oxford is the main campus of Miami University. Not only does this top-notch school employ many of my dear friends, but it also brings into my life many wonderful students, as well as top-shelf lectures and performances. We've also enjoyed occasional events at the MU Hamilton campus.

9. Country roads. I absolutely love driving the country roads around here. And, now that my ninety-year-old father is living nearby (see #11), I also enjoy his childlike "whee!" whenever we go over a whoopee hill (which we do every Sunday on our way to and from church).

10. Great Miami River. The history and beauty of this river, which flows through Hamilton, is a blessing. The lovely Robin and I have enjoyed a river walk to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness and for a memorable date night on the walkway in Trenton. Both are just a few miles from our home.

That's the first ten. I'll share ten more on this blog tomorrow, in part two.


  1. I know you often talk about how blessed you are with your wonderful wife, but I'm thinking right now that she's pretty darn blessed, as well. Two observations from my life: I can't imagine my hubby ever calling me "the lovely Wendy" or ever taking me to see Shakespeare. The lovely Robin has a lovely place to live and a lovely husband to share it with!

  2. That's sweet of you to say so, Wendy. Put it this way: We're BOTH blessed! :)