Welcome to Spokane

It took just two cars, two planes, and three airports to get from scenic Hamilton, Ohio, to Spokane, Washington today. But both flights were on-time and trouble-free, and I even managed a few winks on the first leg. I will be speaking tomorrow and Saturday at the American Christian Writers Conference here in Spokane Valley, and then Tuesday through Thursday next week at The Salvation Army's Cascade Divisional Officers Councils in downtown Spokane.

My home-away-from-home these next three nights is Mirabeau Park Hotel and Convention Center in Spokane Valley. It's a sprawling complex of guest rooms, meeting rooms, restaurant, pool, spa, and more.

Though it's never easy to be away from the lovely Robin and my kids and grandkids, I'm looking forward to a blessed and fruitful week. If you're in the neighborhood, stop on by!

Chick-Fil-A and Play

What a fun evening the lovely Robin and I had with our grandchildren, Miles and Mia.

We shared dinner at the Chick-Fil-A on Tylersville Road, all the while anticipating all the great fun to be had in the PlayPlace attached to the restaurant.

Once they finished their meals, they were released on the unsuspecting play area, and had a blast. For Miles's first twenty minutes or so in the playthingy, I never saw him. I thought it had swallowed him. Turned out, the top story of the thing had an "airplane" cockpit type area, that he flew to Timbuctu and back.

The photo above, by the way, depicts the face Mia makes when she says "Cheese" for the camera. Her face-modeling career is off to a slow start.

When playtime was over, we got ice cream and balloons and made our way back home, where we went potty, got into PJs, washed up, and brushed teeth before Crappaw read Barnaby's Book of Buttons and I Love You This Much prior to lights out. So fun.

Nafi's Springwood Cafe, Kenosha, WI

It's a tradition of fairly recent vintage, but that's how they all start out, isn't it? This morning on our way out of Kenosha following the wedding of Vince and Amanda Montemurro, we gathered with family at Nafi's Springwood Cafe for a late breakfast.

Though not everyone was able to make it, those who did enjoyed coffee, comity, and comfort with companionable companions. As is our wont. Well, most of us, anyway.

My steak and eggs were very steak-and-eggsy, and a tasty conclusion to our visit. We got on the road around 12:30 (Eastern time) and were home at 6:10. It was a great visit and is, as always, great to be home again.

Infusino's, Racine WI

Last night's reception following the wedding of Vince and Amanda Montemurro took place at Infusino's Banquet Hall in Racine, WI.

The festivities started at 5:30 and continued through the evening.

The food was excellent, and of course the company was exquisite.

A wrap-around two-tiered head table hosted the wedding party:

The lovely Robin and I left at about 10 pm to get our three grandchildren to bed and allow their parents to party a little longer with the bride and groom. We just barely managed to stay awake long enough to get them asleep!

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Haman/Montemurro Wedding, Kenosha WI

It's my honor today to read Scripture in the wedding of my nephew Vince Montemurro to the wonderful Amanda Haman.

The wedding venue is Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church in Kenosha, WI.

My companion for the day is my grandson, Miles. He's behaving himself admirably.

It's going to be a fine day!

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Location:62nd St,Kenosha,United States

Red Onion Cafe, Racine, WI

The lovely Robin and I were blessed to participate in a wedding rehearsal today for the impending nuptials of Vince Montemurro and Amanda Haman, in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Following the rehearsal, we enjoyed another fine dining experience (the first was a couple years ago at Ryne and Kelly Montemurro's wedding) at the Red Onion Cafe in downtown Racine.

The food was excellent: fish, chicken, broccoli, and mashed potatoes, with caramel apple cheesecake for dessert.

The staff did an outstanding job with a large crowd.

Occurring on the NFL's opening night as it did, the majority of the assembled company of roughly a bajillion people sported Packers jerseys, with lonely Saints, Vikings, and Bengals (yours truly) jerseys intermingled.

Thanks to Ron and Mariruth Montemurro for their exquisite hospitality, and to the bride and groom for their kind welcome.

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A New Cincinnati Area Tradition

The lovely Robin and I have been having a great time visiting with Don, my oldest brother, and his wife Arvilla this week.

Anytime they visit, of course, we make a point to enjoy Cincinnati chili together. Often we'll also visit Graeter's and LaRosa's, too. This time, however, Robin and I took them to Walt's Barbecue in Hamilton, which is perhaps the newest Cincinnati pleasure. Walt's other locations are Colerain and Harrison.

The ribs, pulled pork, fried potatoes and other down-home delicacies offered at Walt's are top notch. It has become a favorite for Robin and me.