Thing #53 I Like About Living Where I Do

53. Sweet tea. Oh, yeah. It's not just for Summer. And this area is close enough to the South that "swait tay," one-third of my Holy Trinity of Southern cooking—the other 2/3 being fried chicken and fried taters—can be found pert near anywhere.

People can joke all they want about "Hamiltucky"," but I'm pleased as punch (so to speak) to live in an area where not only do grocery stores carry it in gallon jugs, but McDonald's, Wendy's and a few other restaurants feature it on their menus.

At home, of course, we make our own, using "cold brew" pitcher-size tea bags, 3/4 cup of sugar, and a re=purposed Gold Peak 59-ounce carafe bottle like the one pictured on the right.

Hooowee! Ain't nothing like it.

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