"The Wiz" at MU

The lovely Robin and I attended last night's performance of "The Wiz" at the Center for Performing Arts building on the campus of Miami University in Oxford.

It was an enjoyable evening. Since we couldn't take photos of the performance, of course, I just snapped the above pics on my iPhone, and poached the photo below from Miami's website.

The cast turned in some solid performances. Carli Wright was charming as Dorothy, and Ryan Knapper gave a delightful, athletic, and consistent performance as Scarecrow. Robert Stimmel (Tinman) and Alex Sedlak (Evillene) delivered the strongest vocal performances of the night, and the dance corps added immeasurably to the performance. The SoftLED screen (explained in the program by Scenic Designer Gion DeFrancesco) was employed to great effect.

The Gates-Abegglen Theatre (the CPA's Mainstage) is always an enjoyable venue, and the crowd on this night was enthusiastic in its support of the cast and their performance.

Morning in Spring Valley, Evening in Hermitage

The lovely Robin and I had a wonderful morning at The Salvation Army's Spring Valley, NY, Corps.

We renewed fellowship with many old and treasured friends. The band, songsters, worship band, and congregational singing were all beautiful.

After church, we jumped in the car and headed west, arriving at our hotel in Hermitage, PA, a little after 7 p.m.

After settling in our room, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the memorable Hickory Grille just a few miles up the road.

Tomorrow we hope to finish our return trip home, on the eighth day after starting.

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SFOT, Suffern, NY

The lovely Robin and I spent the afternoon at The Salvation Army School for Officer Training in scenic Suffern, NY.

A beautiful day outside, and a mind-boggling tour was provided for us by our dear friend Toni Cameron, the school's assistant principal.

Above is the lobby of the main building, which did not exist when we went to school here, 1978-1980.

We got to see many dear friends who were arriving for a holiness seminar in the lecture hall, which also did not exist when we were matriculating (don't worry, no one ever caught us).

Above is Colonel Toni herself in her office. Nice digs.

The chapel, above, is simple and stately...not ornate like the chapel we worshipped in as cadets.

The library is in the same spot as when we were cadets, but quite a bit larger.

The duck pond is still central to the campus. I remember many prayer times here, on a bench (which they've moved!), early in the mornings when weather was nice.

It was a great day, and so fun to see and talk to so many fine folks. Thanks, Toni (and Joy, who accompanied us!).

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Writers Conference Finale

Today was the final day of The Salvation Army Eastern Territory's Writers Conference in Nyack, New York.

The day began (like yesterday) with Lt. Col. William MacLean's thoughtful and sensitive devotions, and then featured the last of the week's workshops. Then we all gathered for the closing session, which included a tribute to Col. Henry Gariepy by three former National Publications staff members: me, Warren Maye, and Dorothy Post (above; Warren is the only one of us who is still gainfully employed).

The finale also included a fascinating presentation (above) by Kenya's War Cry editor Marion Ndenta on the life and culture of Kenya. I wish I could have gotten a photo of her in front of the podium, as she wore her traditional garments, but she moved too fast.

I'm so blessed to have been a part of this conference, and to reunite with sooooo many dear friends.

The lovely Robin and I will stay in the area a couple more days. We visit with our close friend Joy Slye tomorrow, and then I preach at the Spring Valley Corps Sunday. Then, we will start the long drive home.

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TSA East Writers Conference

The lovely Robin and I are having an amazing time at The Salvation Army's Eastern Territorial Writers Conference at THQ in Nyack, New York:

It was a shock to realize, upon our arrival here, that we had never been in this THQ, which is now nearly twenty years old!

The conference has been very well attended, and beautifully executed.

And what a joy to renew fellowship with sooooo many dear friends, some of whom we hadn't seen for many years! How we have missed their fellowship.

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Nyack, New York

Arrived this afternoon for what promises to be a great writer's conference at The Salvation Army's territorial headquarters in Nyack, New York.

Soon after checking into the Nyack Comfort Inn & Suites, we linked up with my brother Don and his wife Arvilla, in town for meetings at THQ. We went together to the Nanuet Diner (above).

After dinner, we drove to the nearby Palisades Mall:

That's a lotta mall!

While there we dropped into the Apple store (of course), and ran into our dear friends Wayne and Cheryl Maynor, who leave tomorrow "on assignment."

The conference starts tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to a great week!

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