The Two Sisters Bookstore, Richmond, IN

I am a big fan of local bookstores, and especially those that sell new, used, and rare books and host book clubs, writer's groups, and more. The Two Sisters Bookstore, in Richmond, Indiana, is all that--and a cup of tea! 
The store is located in Richmond's historic Depot District. I was there to meet with a friend coming from the north, and I took a risk in suggesting this for our get-together, since I'd never been there. But I wasn't disappointed in the least. Everything about the store was both comforting and stimulating, with inviting seating areas, specialty looseleaf teas with literarily-themed names (I had a cup of the "Prince Hal" mix), unique literary gift items, and 2800 square feet of books, logically organized and carefully shelved. 
My friend and I found our way to the back of the store, and enjoyed tea and conversation in a room devoted to one of my favorites, Sherlock Holmes (see below). 
The family-owned Two Sisters has been in business for four years and will soon be the only bookstore in Richmond! I recommend it highly and plan to return as often as possible. It is located at 193 Fort Wayne Avenue in Richmond, Indiana.