October Fog

Yesterday morning, on the way into Oxford, the landscape was painted with a wash of fog, producing one of those beautiful, striking scenes. I snapped this on my iPhone, not the best representation, but the only place on Hogue Road where I could feel reasonably safe stopping:

I especially like the non-symmetrical tree on the left of the scene, even though it's probably the result of the mangling performed by road crews who make room for roads and wires by mercilessly hacking the poor things.

Some Meetings Are Prettier Than Others

Today was such a beautiful day in Oxford, we decided to have our staff meeting out on the deck of The Loft. The fall colors were beautiful.

Though Pastor of Worship Sharla Racioppa doesn't like having her picture taken, she couldn't move fast enough.

Late in the afternoon, a little doe graced us with her company for a few moments. I didn't get her picture, though, so these will have to suffice.

More Fun with Miles

Today was another of those magical, wonderful Tuesdays when I got to take my grandson Miles to lunch! We had a blast at McDonalds, and sat where we could see BOTH the fireplace AND the trucks that roared by on the street. On the way out, we even got to see a man and woman climb onto a real motorcycle and start it and drive off. Oh, the pulse-pounding excitement of it all!

After lunch we went to a playground in town and, oh, what fun we had. Miles climbed and slid and swung and then did it all "AGAIN!"

After the playground, we drove back to his house, where he showed me his bicycle. He is very, very skilled at pushing it around the garage. He's not yet real sure it's safe to sit on and pedal, though. But it sure is pretty!

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

Yesterday (Sunday) morning, walking from my car in the corner of The Loft parking lot into the building, I marveled at the frost-cover on the ground and the mist on the pond in front of The Loft. It was a beautiful sight. So I snapped this pic, which doesn't really capture the beauty of the moment.

Tuesdays with Miles

It was another fun lunch excursion to Mickey D's with my man Miles! On the way to McDonald's, we sang together (or, rather, he listened to me sing, and said repeatedly, "Again," which is his way of requesting an encore). He had nuggets, apple slices, and milk, and stole a couple of my French fries. Afterward, we stopped in the Kroger parking lot, where a new gas station is being installed. We watched the lift go up and down about a half dozen times, and EVERY time was just as exciting as the first!

Like nearly every field trip Miles and I take, this one was filled with wonder, excitement, and joy.

Here's a tip: if the wonder, excitement, and joy have drained out of your life--if you no longer look at construction equipment with a sense of awe, and no longer hear the beep-beep of large machinery with something approaching ecstacy--have a grandchild. That's the cure.