Sunday in Cairo

The lovely Robin and I were blessed to sleep in this morning, after a late night Saturday (we weren't able to eat dinner until 10:30 p.m.!).

I had hoped to worship at a Coptic Church this morning, but none were in the vicinity of our hotel. While Jerusalem is a city "closely compacted together" (Psalm 48), Cairo is the opposite: 65 miles north to south and 45 miles east to west:

I did, however, spend some good time praying for Cobblestone last night and this morning, not knowing if (after Friday's snowstorm) there would even be worship at The Loft, but knowing that God's good plans will prevail in answer to my prayers.

Tonight at 5 we left the hotel and stopped at a store specializing in Egyptian cotton. Then we headed to the banks of the Nile (I really like saying that) to board a boat for our much-anticipated dinner cruise:

The entertainment on the cruise included a belly dancer:

And a Dervish dance, which my iPhone camera couldn't quite keep up with, and a couple other dancers--with sticks (bet there's a name for them!):

After awhile, the lovely Robin and I went up on deck to enjoy the scenery--on the Nile, baby!

It was all too much excitement for Juanita, one of our group, who slept through some of the (loud) entertainment:

Tomorrow we will rest and pack--some of our group plan to take a cab to the zoo or other destinations--and check out at 4 p.m. from the hotel for a nice dinner and a 10 p.m. flight from Cairo to Amman.

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