A Holy Delight

Another of our fellow Jordan and Israel travelers, Debbie Stacy, offered these reflections on our trip:
"What a delight it was to spend those few days in such holy surroundings with such lovely folks. What a team we had. It was quite a pilgrimage. When do we leave again?

"I am so thankful for the invitation to join your group and so blessed to be able to "walk in the footsteps of Jesus" and see the Bible come alive right before my eyes and very being. I have been so awakened to God's word and alive in my Spirit that I have trouble even finding words to share it at this point. I am looking forward to returning to this holy place in the future. I believe every CHRISTIAN, especially pastors, teachers and local leaders, should experience the Land of the Bible.

"My prayer is that I will use the experience and presence of God in those few days in the Holy Land to be able to make the Bible come alive for God's people to whom I minister. My passion is to see others whole and complete in Christ....Thanks again for an experience I will never forget."
(In the photo above, taken on our ramparts walk on the walls of Jerusalem, Debbie is second from left--next to the lovely Robin)

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