Luxor, Baby!

As I mentioned in my last post, we boarded a train at 8 last night and settled in for overnight in the train's sleeping car. It wasn't the most restful night we've ever had, but it is one if the most memorable. By 6:30, the steward had awakened us, and we were soon served breakfast in our compartment:

By 7:30, the train arrived in Luxor, and we began our day with a visit to the Colossi of Memnon,

Then we rode on to the awesome Valley of the Kings, where 63 tombs of pharoahs and others have been unearthed. We weren't allowed to take photos, but take my word for it: we marveled at the tombs of Thutmosis III, Rameses II, and a tomb of both a pharoah and his queen.

Next: a home and store of some of the masons of Luxor, who are descended from those who helped create the tombs and monuments of Luxor:

From there we went on to the awe-inspiring tomb of Hatshepsut on the other side of the mountain from the Valley of the Kings:

Words (even pictures) can't do justice to this place, built for the female Pharoah who may have been the stepmother of Moses:

After lunch, we checked into our hotel, the fabulous Steigenberger right on the Nile. After a nap, we drank hot chocolate and tea while watching the sun go down on the Nile:

We capped the day's events with a carriage ride through the city of Luxor:

Another incredible day. Now to dinner, shower, and slumber!

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