Graven Images (Pt. 1)

Among the many artifacts and art pieces we enjoyed on our recent tour of Jordan, Israel, and Egypt, were the many statues, both ancient and modern, at various sites throughout these lands. This statue of Jesus is found in the Chapel of the Condemnation, the first station on the Via Dolorosa:

This image of the Virgin Mary as a child, with St. Anne, her mother, is in the Church of St. Anne, next to the ancient Pool of Bethesda:

This depiction of Jesus is in the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu, the site of Caiaphas's house, where Jesus was imprisoned the night before his crucifixion:

Rachel and her children, at Ramat Rachel, the hilltop overlooking Bethlehem:

And, finally, this statue of St. Peter, is at Capernaum, near the site of Peter's house:

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