Last Day in Israel

Today--Monday--our last day in Israel, started with a short bus ride from Tiberias to Capernaum, the Galilee headquarters of Jesus during his ministry:

This rich archaeological site is named for the prophet Nahum, so we read from Nahum 1:7 and then Mark 1:29-31. Then we viewed the 4th century "white synagogue," built on the remains of the first century synagogue Jesus attended:

We then viewed the house of Peter (also mentioned in Mark 1), just a few steps from the synagogue, under a new Roman Catholic church:

From there we drove the short distance to Tabgha, the traditional site of the feeding of the five thousand. We read Mark 6:30-44 and then toured the church, on the site of several more ancient churches...

...and boasting the famous and oft-seen mosaic discovered here of the loaves and fishes (seen below, in front of the altar):

Our next stop was the Mount of Beatitudes, where we read Matthew 5:1-12 in a beautiful and serene setting near the church on that site:

Then it was north to Chorazin:

Though this may or may not be the site of the Chorazin Jesus mentioned in Matthew 11:20-24 (which we read here), it is still a fascinating site for the "seat of Moses" discovered when the synagogue was excavated:

From there we journeyed past the Gadarenes (and read Matthew 8:28-34), and stopped for lunch at Ein Gev on the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee. Some of us had the "St. Peter's fish" there:

Others were not so brave.

When the Golan Heights ended and the mountains of Gilead rose on our left, we read Genesis 31:3-9, 17-23 and Jeremiah 8:18-22. We crossed the Harod Spring on the drive to Bet Shean and so read Judges 7:1-8a.

Our last stop in Israel (before crossing the border back into Jordan) was the magnificent site of Bet Shean:

While gazing on the Old Testament tel we read 1 Samuel 31, and then toured the Roman era ruins. By 3:15 we were leaving Bet Shean; by 5 we were through the border crossing, and at 7, back in our hotel in Amman.

Tomorrow we wake at 5 for our 8:45 flight to Cairo (while 12 of our group return home later that morning)!

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