Graven Images (Pt. 2)

Among the many artifacts and art pieces we enjoyed on our recent tour of Jordan, Israel, and Egypt, were the many statues, both ancient and modern, at various sites throughout these lands.

These are some of the statues we saw during our seven days in Egypt. Obviously, the Sphinx at Giza is one of the largest and most impressive statues in the world:

A smaller but still impressive sphinx is the alabaster sphinx at Memphis:

Also at Memphis, this statue of Ramses II:

And inside a museum is this colossal Ramses II:

The colossi at Memphis, which once adorned the entrance to a large temple, like those at Luxor and Karnak:

A depiction of the "female Pharoah," Hatshepsut, at her magnificent tomb adjacent to the Valley of the Kings:

A representation of the god Horus at Hatshepsut's tomb:

And some of the ram-headed sphinxes that line the entrance to the Karnak Temple:

And, a head (again) of the Pharoah Ramses II, this one at Luxor Temple:

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