Right for the Soul

Jerry Jenkins and his Christian Writers Guild staff do everything right at the Annual Writing for the Soul Confetence, just concluded last Sunday in Denver.

What an honor to share those few days with Jerry (above), and keynoters like (pictured below, in order) Max Lucado, VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer, Philip Yancey, along with those whose pictures I didn't get--the delightful Kendra Smiley and aged Jim Watkins.

And, of course, never to be forgotten (no matter how hard one may try), the other keynoter, Dr. Dennis Hensley, whose picture I took (with his longsuffering wife, Rose) as proof that Dennis DID appear at this conference (and on Sunday morning, for shame!) without a tie!

What a blessing it was to spend those days with such gifted writers and speakers, appreciative listeners and students, efficient staff, and dear friends and people of God.

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