Karnak, Luxor, and Felucca Ride on the Nile

You think you've seen it all, after Hatshepsut's Temple and the Valley of the Kings....and then you go next to the massive 165 acres originally) Karnak Temple complex:

The Vatican could fit three times into this temple complex:

It was built over centuries by 90+ pharoahs:

And was the center of the Amon-Ra cult in ancient Egypt:

While there we viewed the awesome relief of the events (from the Egyptian perspective, of course) of 2 Chronicles 12:1-12, which we read:

After a couple hours there, we went to an Al Fayyed essential oils factory and showroom, and then we went on to the smaller but still impressive Luxor Temple:

This Temple was one of many constructed by Rameses II:

And was in ancient times connected to Karnak by a 2-mile- long Avenue of the Sphinxes, which is being excavated by the government:

After a late lunch, we boarded a felucca and spent our last ninety minutes in Luxor sailing on the Nile:

Then, after a little time of relaxation in a cafe by the Nile, we returned to our bus and then to the Luxor Airport for an evening flight back to Cairo, where we sleep two more nights before flying to Amman.

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