Ancient Art

One of the most mind-boggling things we've seen on our Holy Land visits are the strikingly preserved ancient art pieces, like these below, Byzantine mosaics from the area of Mount Nebo and Medeba in Jordan:

The mosaic below, one of the most amazing ancient mosaics you'll ever see, is from the Byzantine church that once stood on the spot of the Church of the Heptapegon, at the traditional site of the feeding of the five thousand:

The four-thousand-year-old color on this image of the Egyptian god Horus is found in the tomb of Hatshepsut in Luxor:

And perhaps my favorite example of all is this fresco....from a Byzantine church that once occupied the Luxor Temple!

To the right of this painting was the remains of the apse of that ancient church, an amazing Christian presence in the midst of the Egyptian pantheon. A striking sight.

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