Day Two in Egypt

Our second day in Egypt started with a wonderful breakfast at the Pyramids Park Resort Hotel, where we're staying. Then we set out for the pyramids (in sight from our hotel):

We rode camels (that picture is on Robin's phone, so I can't post it). We actually went INTO the #2 pyramid, all the way to the burial chamber (pretty taxing most of the way, going down a long ways bent in half, then up again bent in half before getting there...then back again!). We weren't allowed to take photos in there, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

We also viewed the Sphinx and the ancient temple:

After a wonderful Egyptian lunch...

...we arrived at the Ben Ezra synagogue. While still on the bus, we read Isaiah 19. Then, inside the synagogue, we read Exodus 2:1-11 on the traditional site of Moses' being pulled from the bulrushes as a baby. There were no photos allowed inside, but I took this:

Our next visit was to the nearby church built on the traditional site of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus' home during their exile in Egypt. We read Matthew 2:13-15 here. No photos allowed inside here, either:

After a brief shopping stop, we returned to the hotel to prepare for tonight's light and sound show at the Giza Pyramids!

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