Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company, Asheville NC

Right about this time last week I had the pleasure and honor of heading out from the Blue Ridge Mountains Christian Writers Conference at Ridgecrest with about a dozen fellow writers, all of whom are way cooler and more accomplished than I am, to the Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company in North Asheville (hence the name).
I refrained from all alcoholic refreshment, though my photo skills that night do seem to say otherwise. I took only two photos because the conversation was so fascinating (sorta like Tolkein, Williams, Lewis, and the other Inklings) I couldn't tear myself away. I also never took a photo of our group, because, well, several of them would have sued me if anyone found out they were actually spending time with me.
Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company is a craft brewery, pizza joint, gameroom, and discount-and-dine-in movie theater with a unique vibe. Not that I'm any expert on vibes, unique or otherwise. Movies are $3 a person. We were having too much fun to even inquire into what was showing.

It was fun, and our server was patient, efficient, and charming. The pizza: meh. I shared a "Cheeseburger in Paradise" pizza with a friend who had already experienced the "Biltmore" pizza. We both wished we had gotten the Biltmore, which is meatier. Still, the pizza wasn't the point--the company was.

Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company has three Asheville locations; we dined at 675 Merrimon Avenue in North Asheville.

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