Cruising on the Grand Princess

My long-awaited fortieth anniversary cruise with the lovely Robin finally arrived on April 23. Aaron, Nina, Miles, and Mia dropped us off (after church and lunch) at Pier 27 in San Francisco Harbor, and we boarded the Grand Princess (above) for a fifteen-day cruise to Hawaii!
We were delighted to check in to our mini-suite with a sizable balcony on the Dolphin Deck around midship. Our home for more than two weeks.
It took about fifteen seconds to tour the suite, but it gave us all the room we needed for our cruise. After taking a few quick photos and checking email and texts one last time, we unpacked and settled in.

Once unpacked we attended the mandatory safety drill and then headed up to the Lido Deck for the sailing away party. It was windy and chilly, but we stayed for a bit waiting for the ship to cast off. When departure time came and went, we headed off to explore a little.
The ship finally cast off a little before six o'clock while we were eating our first dinner in the elegant Botticelli Dining Room (the dining rooms were named after artists). We didn't have a window table but I took the above photo from one of the windows as we sailed toward the Golden Gate Bridge. Next stop: Lahaina, Maui!

What a relief, after many months of waiting and a little worry about making all the connections and so on! And what a blessing it was to look forward to two whole weeks of leisure, entertainment, and food.

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