Maui and Haleakala Crater

On the morning of Friday, April 28, the Grand Princess arrived at Lahaina, Maui. I watched from our balcony as we sailed into the harbor.
We took a tender to Lahaina, and then boarded a bus for our excursion to Haleakala Crater, a dormant volcano.
Our entertaining guide introduced us to the "silversword" plant (above), or Haleakala silversword, a rare plant that is part of the daisy family Asteraceae. The silversword in general is referred to as ʻāhinahina in Hawaiian. A threatened species due to excessive grazing by cattle and goats and vandalism by people, it was once near extinction but is now protected, though threats remain. The silversword is found only on Maui and on the western slope of Mauna Kea on the Big Island.
After a two-hour bus ride, we reached the crater, but clouds covered much of it. So disappointing.
I waited, however, and after fifteen minutes or so, the clouds cleared momentarily, allowing the above view of some of the crater, which is seven miles long and three miles wide. Stupendous colors. The volcano last erupted in 1790, so it's due. We left without any rumblings. Except from my tummy.
We stopped for lunch at Casanova Ristorante and Bar in Makawao, an adorable upcountry village.
Our hosts were expecting us and soon had a pasta buffet ready.
Robin and I finished our lunch and still had a few minutes to browse the inviting shops in Makawao. One of our few regrets about our trip is that we didn't buy anything in Sherri Reeve's Gallery and Gifts. We loved everything she had to offer.

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