Gracepointe Nazarene Church, Trenton OH

The lovely Robin and I visited a new church yesterday on the way to a Sunday afternoon visit with family: Gracepointe Nazarene in nearby Trenton, Ohio.

We entered a good fifteen or more minutes before the start of the service--because, contrary to the starting time listed on the website (10:30), the morning worship service was slated to begin at 10:45. We thought it was interesting that there were pews on the flanks of the auditorium and chairs in the middle section--though strangely, the middle section was mostly empty, leading us to wonder if there were some special purpose for them. But no, it just seemed that most people preferred the side seating.
The service began with a hymn--"The Old Rugged Cross." You can't much hymnier than that. It seemed strange as an opening. After several verses, everyone was encouraged to shake hands all around. The worship band then led four songs, passionately and effectively. We were blessed by the worship leader's openness and passion, and were excited that there was a young violin player in the band, though we never heard the violin. Pity.
After the worship set, the children (who had joined the service during worship) were led out, and at some point someone opened the curtains along with walls to let the sunlight stream in; nice. The pastor, Jon Young, preached on Deuteronomy 10 and 11, concluding a series. He clearly knew his flock, and we were blessed by his sensitive and passionate delivery. 

We dashed out as soon as the service concluded, needing to get to our family thing, but were happy to have visited this dear family church. 

Gracepointe Nazarene is located at 220 North Miami Street in Trenton, Ohio. 

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