Good Reads on Our Cruise to Hawaii

A vacation--even a fifteen-day fortieth anniversary cruise to Hawai'i--wouldn't be a vacation if I couldn't spend some time reading. Happily, I absorbed some outstanding books on our trip.

I usually try to read thematically when I travel, so I chose books related to Hawai'i. I'd already read the James Michener tome, Hawaii, so my list took a little more effort to compile.

I started the cruise with one historical novel borrowed from the library (East Wind, Rain by Caroline Paul) and one audiobook I had downloaded through the Hoopla app on my iPhone (Letters From Hawaii by Mark Twain). Both were excellent. I also read Lost Kingdom: Hawaii’s Last Queen, the Sugar Kings, and America’s First Imperial Venture (nonfiction) by Julia Flynn Siler and The House of Pride by Jack London (short stories). Those were also excellent, and all of them together were a perfect blend of fiction, nonfiction, history, and culture, by two of my favorite authors and two I'd never read before. I couldn't have imagined anything better.

We also bought a picture book (to read to the grandkids) on one of the islands: A Coconut Named Bob (pictured). Because, well, it's about a coconut named Bob.

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