Other Shows on the Grand Princess

I've already mentioned (here and here) some of the fine entertainment the lovely Robin enjoyed on our recent cruise to Hawai'i on the Grand Princess. And the hits just kept on coming. Singer and humorist David Pengelly offered a whimsical blend of comedy and music that Robin and I thoroughly enjoyed.
The Perfect Gentlemen were not at all what we expected, based on the ship's newsletter blurb about their show. But their versatility and creativity were enjoyable.
Nashville songwriter, instrumentalist, and singer Ric Steele did a little bit of everything (my favorite was his rendition of the instrumental guitar piece, "Classical Gas"), including a touching personal story before performing an encore.
The ship's orchestra, singers, and dancers presented a dynamic "British Invasion" show (above and below) that delighted us both--though it was hard not to sing along. Okay, I did. But only sometimes. On every song.

Las Vegas entertainer Cheaza wowed everyone with a Whitney Houston tribute show. Absolutely wonderful. I loved it when she casually mentioned, "my aunt, Chaka Khan." Dang. And her finale ("I Will Always Love You," of course), brought the house down.
The ship's dancers presented a Stephen-Schwartz-produced show, "Born to Dance," that included video and narration about various choreographers introducing many of Broadway's most memorable dance numbers, from "Hello, Dolly" (above) to "A Chorus Line" (below).
We could hardly have been more pleased with the Grand Princess's entertainment options and presentations, both in the Princess Theater and smaller venues. Well done, Princess Cruise Lines! 

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