The Big Island, Hilo, and Ice Pond

Our last port in the Hawaiian islands was Hilo, on the "big island" of Hawai'i (above). I stood on our balcony as our ship was pulling into port and spied an inviting beach that looked like it wasn't far. Then I noticed that Brian, our ukulele instructor, was on his balcony, just two decks above. Recalling that the big island was his home, I asked if that beach was within walking distance. He assured me that it was, gave me some directions, and told me there was a sweet little cove there that the locals like to swim in, which is fed by a stream coming down from the mountains.
So, since our scheduled excursion wasn't due to depart until after lunch, the lovely Robin and I set out for that idyllic beach and inviting cove. It took more than the fifteen minutes Brian had estimated (but, to be fair, they were fifteen "Hawaiian minutes") but we made it eventually, and found the cove he had talked about. We waded in.
It was, truly, beautiful. It is part of Reeds Bay Beach Park, located on Banyan Drive. Sailboats anchor in the waters and the little cove we chose offers a calm and shallow swimming area.
But cold. Only on our way out did we learn that the locals call it Ice Pond. The lovely Robin had no desire to go in much farther than up to her shins. But we took a selfie. So we did make it to a Hawaiian beach. Isn't that what really counts?

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