Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY

My lodgings this past Tuesday and Wednesday a "writer-friends retreat" I took with some--well, writer friends--was the beautiful Laws Lodge Conference Center on the campus of the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary in (you guessed it) Louisville, Kentucky.
It was an economical and hospitable place to camp overnight while the other writer-type people and I roamed around, chatted up a storm, and ate way too much (more will follow in subsequent posts on this blog, because I know you're dying to know more. Be patient. All will be revealed).
Tuesday afternoon, several of us took a walk on the campus and were delighted by the beautiful Caldwell Chapel (above).
My friend Terry White played a few hymns on the piano and then we made our way to the choir loft, where (don't tell anyone) we located an organ key and enjoyed Terry's virtuosity on the impressive pipe organ. I think he liked my singing along, too, though he was too shy, I'm sure, to say so. 
Before returning to the lodge we ducked into the well-appointed campus library, and perused the rich store there of books and periodicals. No one shushed us, not even once (though some of the students eyed us suspiciously, probably trying to judge if we were old enough to be students ourselves). 
I couldn't have asked for a better place to sojourn (though, admittedly, the labyrinth was a disappointment).

Laws Lodge Conference Center and the Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary are located at 1044 Alta Vista Road in Louisville, Kentucky. Tell them Bob sent you.

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