Game Restaurant, Louisville, KY

At our wonderful little writer's retreat this past Tuesday and Wednesday, I dined at Game, a unique restaurant in Louisville’s historic Irish Hill district, with my friends. Game specializes in wild (and mostly exotic) game sourced from local farmers. The menu offers kangaroo, bison, alpaca, and more, as well as vegetarian options.
I had a wild boar burger, topped with bleu cheese, tomato, and lettuce. I probably have an undiscerning palate but I didn't notice anything especially unique in the taste. But the cheese-sprinkled grilled corn on the cob was outstanding. And all the dishes were beautifully presented.
Our service was timely and capable, though I did get the impression we were an interruption or nuisance in our server's schedule. He may just have been having a crummy day. And though my friend Terry White is obviously an inexperienced selfie-taker, as the above image of our party shows, he did at least get us all in the frame.

Game is located at 2295 Lexington Road in Louisville. Keep those names straight; I don't know what you'll find if you go to 2295 Louisville Road in Lexington.

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