J. Gumbo's, Louisville, KY

I didn't know that our lunch spot for the last stop on our little writer's retreat this past week was part of a chain. Usually, when I travel, I try to eat at unique, locally-owned restaurants. But although the Cajun-style J. Gumbo's restaurant has locations in ten states, it began in Louisville, and I'm really glad I ate there with my friends.
The Frankfort Avenue location in Louisville sits way back from the road, so it's easy to miss (my friends Torry and David both passed it right by). And the restaurant's exterior doesn't look all that inviting. But in this case, appearances are deceiving.
I had the Bumblebee Stew, after telling the staff member at the counter that I don't eat hot stuff and being offered a taste. It wasn't hot at all and I ate the "bowl as big as the bayou" down to the very last bite. Absolutely delicious.

The J. Gumbo's we ate at is located at 2109 Frankfort Avenue in the Clifton district of Louisville, Kentucky.

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