Boyd and Wurthmann's, Berlin ,OH

A day or two in Berlin, Ohio (more or less the center of Holmes County's "Amish Country") has become something of an annual trip for me and the lovely Robin. We just returned today from our latest weekend stay there.
As usual, we had to enjoy a meal at the iconic Boyd and Wurthmann's restaurant on Main Street in the heart of town. Named for long-time owners and operators Dale Boyd and Herman Wurthmann, who ran it for forty years, the eatery is one of the oldest and most popular businesses in town. Since we are usually there on weekends, I don't think we've ever not had to stand in line and wait for a table. 
The service was excellent; efficient and cheerful. And the food, as always, was fresh, plentiful, and very, very fattening. I had the open-faced roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy. What else? Oh, yeah, and a bite of Robin's pumpkin pie and whipped cream.
Boyd and Wurthmann is located at 4819 East Main Street in downtown Berlin, Ohio.

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