The Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz, CA

Aaron, Nina, Miles, and Mia took me and the lovely Robin to "The Mystery Spot" near Santa Cruz Sunday afternoon for a cool (fifteen degrees cooler than San Jose's high of the day) and fun time together as a family.
Despite the traffic, we arrived in time to browse the gift shop and for the kids to eat popsicles before starting our tour, which was so much fun.
The Mystery Spot's website claims it is a "gravitational anomaly," which I suppose is fair enough. The tour guides say there is something strange going on, though I'm guessing the majority (or totality) of the phenomenon is an optical illusion.
I almost flew like Superman across the room. The photos we took really don't do justice to the disorienting effects of the place.
Miles and Mia got to participate in one of the demonstrations, in which participants heights seemed to change according to where they stood. They both went home a little taller, I think.

It was a wonderful time together that I enjoyed easily as much as the grandkids, if not more.

The Mystery Spot is located--appropriately enough--at 465 Mystery Spot Road in Santa Cruz, California.

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