Bill's Cafe, San Jose, CA

"Bill's Cafe in San Jose" has a nice ring to it, don't you think? It does for me and the lovely Robin, as it was our first stop for brunch after being picked up at the San Jose airport by our California kids, Aaron and Nina.

Man, it was soooo good to see them. Can't even begin to describe how much we miss them and their kids, our two oldest grandkids. We sat on the patio and though it took a while for our food to arrive, we weren't pressed for time and the company was first rate.

I had the "organic steel cut oatmeal" and fruit cup. The oatmeal wasn't quite hot enough when it got to me and cantaloupe could have been riper. But Robin enjoyed her french toast, Aaron his "Parisian French toast," and Nina her omelette and hash browns.

Bill's Cafe has five locations in San Jose and one in Pleasanton (wherever that is). It was a good experience I wouldn't hesitate to repeat.

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