Sweet Rendezvous, San Jose, CA

The lovely Robin and I do more than eat when we travel to California to visit our family...really. Friday evening, we had the joy of sharing a visit to Sweet Rendezvous Ice Cream Shop in San Jose with Aaron, Nina, Miles, and Mia.

The place was packed (it was a Friday evening after all), but the folks who served us were extremely pleasant, attentive, and efficient. I had a sugar cone of "1020," the flavor named for the address of their supplier (I forget the name, but somewhere in the general area).

Sweet Rendezvous offers customers something they call a "teaser;" they will top any order with a little scoop of any other flavor they request. I chose the chocolate chip as my teaser. Miles had burgundy cherry with a 1020 teaser, and Mia had a chocolate cone with burgundy cherry teaser.

Sweet Rendezvous is located at 668 Blossom Hill Road in San Jose.

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