Dakota Steakhouse, Rapid City, SD

Last Saturday evening, the lovely Robin and I had the joy of sharing a high-end dining experience with four of our newest close friends at the Dakota Steakhouse in Rapid City, South Dakota. After a full day of travel that started at 6 a.m. Eastern, we were ready for a relaxing and satisfying meal, and that’s what we got.

The Dakota Steakhouse is unique to Rapid City, inspired by the beauty and history of the area, as the American bison sculpture in front of the restaurant attests.
The company was top notch, and the food was outstanding. I thoroughly enjoyed the "three sisters" soup that started my meal, the coulotte steak cooked to order, and the side of bacon-wrapped asparagus. Delicious!
The Dakota Steakhouse is located at 1325 N. Elk Vale Road in Rapid City, just off I-90.

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