Blue Gate Garden Inn, Shipshewana, IN

The lovely Robin and I had the honor and joy of sharing a three-day retreat this week with a group of Salvation Army officers from northern Indiana and western Michigan at the Blue Gate Garden Inn in Shipshewana, Indiana.
The Blue Gate Garden Inn was a lovely place to stay (although some disappointing changes to our group's arrangements were made at the last minute, forcing some disadvantageous adjustments).
But our room was more than comfortable, the retreat was successful (despite my speaking), and the sprawling hotel (with ice cream shop, pool, fire pit, and other amenities, right next door to the Hostetler Hudson Museum!) makes a fine place to stay.
The Blue Gate Garden Inn is located at 800 S Van Buren Street (State Route 5), the main road coming into Shipshewana. You can't miss it.

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