The Brau Haus, Oldenburg, Indiana

On our recent sojourn to The Springs, in Oldenburg, Indiana, the lovely Robin and I ventured from the retreat center into town for an early Saturday evening meal at the Brau Haus. It seemed quite the place to be on a Saturday evening, as the various rooms in the venerable  restaurant, like a rabbit warren, filled up around us as we ate. 
As is my wont, I tried the fried chicken, which was a tasty and crunchy recipe. Robin ordered pork chops, but was surprised when she was served something more like a ham steak. The food was all served steaming hot. It couldn't have been fresher, that's for sure.

Of course, this being a historically German community, the beer was probably something special--but we're not beer drinkers. And they seemed proud of their desserts, but we had no room left, so we missed out on that point, too.

The Brau Haus is located at 22170 Water Street, just a block off the main street through town in Oldenburg, Indiana.

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