Half-Stitched (The Musical)

During our brief stay in Shipshewana, Indiana, this past week, the lovely Robin and I were treated to a performance of Half-Stitched (The Musical, at the Blue Gate Theater in bustling downtown Shipshewana (no, seriously--it was bustling, due not only to the theater but also the nearby flea market and auction). The play was written by Martha Bolton, based on a book by Wanda Brunstetter.

It was delightfully acted and sung by the cast of seven performers. We laughed and even teared up a few times.

After the performance, we went with our group to the spacious dining area in the same building for a delicious and generous meal served family style. The fried chicken, in particular, made me say, "Thank God for chicken! Didn't have to do it but he did!"

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