I'm pretty sure the hottest day of our recent family (well, half-family) day at Disney World was the day we visited the Epcot Center. We were sticky and dehyrdated by the time we paused just inside Epcot for a family picture (above). But we still had fun. 
Our whirlwind trek through Epcot included a Finding Nemo ride (from which Aubrey and Calleigh abstained; Calleigh was still traumatized by the "Lili and Stitch" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" ride a day or two earlier). But the aquarium was a joy for Avery (above), and for the whole family. So much to see.
The rest of our family experience in Epcot went so fast I could hardly snap a picture. But a day or two later, the lovely Robin and I returned, just the two of us, and took time to enjoy each of the countries on the world tour the park presents. In England, we met two of our oldest and dearest friends (below). 
We also got to hear a "British invasion" band, watched three big screen films featuring the wonders of Canada, France, and China, had a delicious lunch of fish 'n' chips (which a local couple who shared our table said was the best in Orlando), and more. I was even tempted to buy a gift pack of assorted soaps in the Canada gift shop (below). But I refrained.

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