The Liberty Tree Tavern at Disney World

You know what's really expensive? Disney World. You know what's really expensive, even for Disney World? Dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern. But we ate there anyway on our visit last week.
Baby Avery fell asleep sometime before we arrived there so while the rest of the family waited for a table inside, I stayed on the curb next to her stroller. Two women walking by saw her and then saw me and breathed a sigh of relief....I think they were about to report an abandoned baby to the Disney World Police. 
Once we got our table, though, I was allowed inside, where the reproduction of a colonial-era tavern was fun to see. 
Colonial artifacts surround diners and of course the servers are all dressed in period costume. The menu is influenced by New England fare but not confined to it. The meal of pork, turkey, brisket, whipped potatoes, baked corn, green beans, and more was served family style. Mmmmm mmm good.
Not cheap, though: $32 per adult and $15 per child. But all you can eat. So there's that.
Still, it's not every day we get to Disney World, and it was a delicious and memorable experience. And a refreshing respite from the heat and hecticity (yes, I made that word up right on the spot) outside.

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