Great Strides Walk 2015

What a great day we had yesterday for the Great Strides Walk (to cure cystic fibrosis) in Oxford, Ohio. And what a contrast to last year, when we weren't just rained out but gullywashered out. And yes, that's a word. I said so. No need to look it up. 
While a little rain came through early in the morning, the skies cleared well before people started registering. With music performed by the Worley Boys and lots of enthusiasm and esprit de corps (yes, I used a little French on you, merci), everything went off without a hitch. 
The lovely Robin and I (along with the rest of our team, McCane's Miracles) were there on behalf of our grandchildren Calleigh and Ryder, who are still too young to grasp what was happening and why. But they had fun. 
And another young member of our team, Ezra Keeton, stole the show by joining the band to sing some country song I didn't know. But man, she was so cute. When the song was over, she wouldn't surrender the mic. She didn't seem to mind the spotlight at all. 
The report at the end of the walk was a great one, too: A total of nearly $19,000 raised to find and fund a cure for cystic fibrosis, and some donations still being processed will add to that total. Sure would love to see it get to $20,000! And Robin and I were so happy to meet our goals of $500 (here's Robin's page if you'd like to help us add to the total) and $3500 (here is my page). And our McCane's Miracles team total so far amounts to $6,198! Thanks so much to everyone who gave, walked, volunteered, and participated. 

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