Animal Kingdom at Disney World

Our family vacation at Disney World in May included a visit to "Animal Kingdom," a varied section of the park divided mainly into an Africa and Asia section and a distant petting zoo. We got to see some ginormous bats, a family of an endangered species of deer (above), and more.
Calleigh and Ryder enjoyed climbing on a statue of elephants (above) in one of the train stations.
We got to ride an actual train to and from the petting zoo area of the park.
And Calleigh and Ryder got to brush a couple of the goats in one of the enclosures. Unfortunately and disappointingly, those were the only animals we got to interact with, and just in time, too, as they put the goats away a few minutes after we arrived.
We caught the last train back to civilization. Turns out Animal Kingdom closes at 6 p.m. Guess the animals have an earlier bedtime than us.

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