Super Duper Burgers, San Francisco

Last Sunday after church in San Francisco (see this post), the lovely Robin, Aaron, Nina, Miles, Mia, and I stopped into a Super Duper Burger place in the Metreon, between 4th Street and Yerba Buena in San Francisco. Super Duper is a northern California thing.
They do things differently at Super Duper. They offer fresh, quality produce, meat, dairy, and buns, sourced from area sources. Their signage is all produced locally. Not only their food but also their packaging is 100% compostable. Their beef is humanely-raised, 100% vegetarian-fed (from family-owned ranches), and ground fresh daily. The buns are baked by an artisan baker in San Francisco. Other products are similarly thought-through. The price is, consequently, higher. But the food is good (though the garlic fries Nina ordered were too strong even for her!). And they keep their promise of creating "fast food burgers using slow food values."

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