Watkins Glen State Park

Last Sunday my brother Don and his wife Arvilla took the lovely Robin and me to Watkins Glen State Park for the mile-and-a-half descending gorge trail from the top to the bottom of the famous gorge.
Within two miles, the glen's stream descends four hundred feet, generating nineteen waterfalls along its course. We wound down a 180-step stone staircase at the start (so glad we started at the top instead of the bottom!), strode past, over, and under waterfalls, across bridges, down winding passages, and along dripping cliff faces.
There were just so many breathtakingly beautiful sights. I took dozens of photos, and could have taken many more.
Not only were our surroundings beautiful, but the company, too, as you can see below.
Almost at the end of the walk, Minnehaha Falls pours into a heart-shaped pool at its base (below).
I love hikes like this. So beautiful. So memorable. So fun. I can't wait to do it again.

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