The Crooked Rooster

After a memorable hike down the gorge at Watkins Glen last Sunday, the lovely Robin and I joined Don and Arvilla for dinner at The Wildflower Cafe and Crooked Rooster Brewpub on North Franklin Street in Watkins Glen. It's two--two!--two restaurants in one.
We were seated right away, and though it took a little while for our service to get to us, there was a very large party being served as we took our seats, so it seemed understandable.
Though I usually avoid the "specials" when eating out, Robin and I both ordered the apple cider sirloin with mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. It was cooked as we ordered, delicious, and satisfying without being too much (of course, we didn't order appetizers and also declined desserts). A fine meal in fine surroundings.

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