King's Lake Camp

The Salvation Army's King's Lake Camp is located about forty-five miles from Anchorage, Alaska, between Wasilla and Palmer. The lovely Robin and I got to visit for a few days in late July, and came away blessed and impressed. 
A sign as you enter the campgrounds displays typical Alaska humor and pride.
The grounds cozy up to a lake--large enough (I can attest) to land a floater plane or accommodate a ski boat. 
I got to speak three times over that weekend--Friday evening, Saturday morning, and Sunday morning. The response each time was sensitive and enthusiastic. The lovely Robin and I got to meet many new friends, and pray with a number of them, and laugh and eat and worship with them all. 
And, as if that wasn't blessing enough, we got to enjoy scenes like this, taken from the deck outside our bedroom at 10:40 p.m., while several hours of sunlight remained. 

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