The National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum

Last Monday my brother and sister-in-law Don and Arvilla took me and the lovely Robin to Cooperstown, New York, for a tour of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum.
The phrase "kid in a candy store" doesn't come close to expressing my excitement and enjoyment as I finally got to visit this place. Wow. I was thrilled to see things such as the actual jersey worn by pitching legend Cy Young (above), a whole room devoted to Babe Ruth, as well as countless other items (such as the seven caps worn by Nolan Ryan as he pitched each of his seven no-hitters).
A highlight for me (though it was all highlight) was the "In the Books" area, displaying the various records ballplayers have broken and set over the years, including the hit king Pete Rose (above) and the pitching marvel Aroldis Chapman (below).
Arvilla and Robin came and went, doing a little shopping and so on while Don and I went from one display to another, including a set of championship rings (below).
Don and I even got to play a round of "So You Think You Know Baseball," a "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire"-type game, in an effort to win a free one-year membership to the Hall. I tried to help Don as much as I could, but we only lasted six or seven rounds. I think we could've won if we had toured all the exhibits before playing the game. Drat.

Still, it was a dream fulfilled for me, and a joy I will remember for a very long time.

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