The Noisy Goose Cafe

The lovely Robin and I do things besides eat when we travel...but you wouldn't easily know it from our bathroom scale. Or our memories. One such memory is that of the Noisy Goose Cafe, where we ate twice on our recent visit to Alaska. 
The Noisy Goose is a busy, friendly, rich experience, enjoyed by locals, sportsmen, and tourists alike. 
On our first visit, for breakfast, I enjoyed an egg, cheese, onion, and reindeer omelet, with a side of taters and another side of pancakes. Mmm mmm good! 
And, though on our first visit we didn't order pie (disappointing the little fella above, who looked in from the window by our booth on both visits), on our second visit a couple days later Robin enjoyed a coconut creme pie and I swallowed every bite of a peach crumb pie. Oh my. 

The Noisy Goose is located at 1890 Glenn Highway in Palmer, Alaska--right by the Alaska State Fairgrounds. Their website is

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